Recently, Harvest Sacramento and community leaders came together to go out harvest fruit from different communities across Sacramento. Harvest Sacramento is a project of Soil Born Farms, whose goal is to collaborate with community partners, businesses, and nonprofits to harvest excess fruit and get it out to those who need, whether that be by donating the fruit to the local food bank or passing fruit out to residents.harvest3

First, the Harvest leaders spoke about the organization and what was the agenda for the day. Then, the participants broke into groups according to the neighborhoods. The groups introduced themselves to the Harvest leader, if they didn’t already know him. After, the participants introduced themselves, the leaders briefed them on the plan. Each group had a specific neighborhood to harvest from. Among the neighborhoods were: South Oak Park, Midtown, East Sacramento, and many more. The groups proceeded to get their tools, among the tools were ladders, small and large picker poles, buckets, and gloves.harvest4

The locations were given to all the drivers and the groups rolled out. The Harvest leader called the owner of the property which the tree was  on. The owner was able to whether they wanted to keep or donate all of their fruit on their trees. Different type of citrus was harvest like grapefruit, oranges, lemons, tangerines. After all the harvesting was done, the participants and leaders shared a meal, also the experiences they had throughout the day.

Harvest Sacramento strives to collect fruit which would probably have gone to waste. If you would like to more information about Harvest Sacramento, click here: or click here to register for the next harvest: