On Wednesday January 7th, the Food Literacy Center held a lunch at Pacific Elementary School. The lunch was a demonstration for Jamie Oliver, of the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation. Jamie and the students explored healthy lunch choices and dove into food literacy.

The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation is a non-profit corporation dedicated to youth groups, schools, businesses, and communities to raise awareness of food in the media. Oliver is a famous chief that would like people in America to gain knowledge about the food that they are eating.

The Food Literacy Center is located here in Sacramento and is sponsored by the California Endowment. The Endowment was established to help provide quality health and fundamental improvements for health in California.

The event took place in the school’s community room at 1:30pm. Lunch was cooked and provided by volunteers big and small. The young chiefs were students from Pacific Elementary. They got to exhibit how they grew and prepared the food being served for Oliver himself. During demonstrations, the students exercised their new and profound knowledge of healthy food recipes.

After the food was ready, older volunteers from the Food Literacy Center served all that sat at the beautiful colorful tables. Anne Cooper and Alice Waters, chefs from the Food Literacy and Education, joined Oliver during dining time.

Parents and educators were also present during the lunch along with some long time community members. The children were excited during the event to be heard and treated with such responsibility. The event itself was very successful and hopefully a start to a long time tradition for future schools as well.