On January 15th, community leaders met at the site of the old San Juan Hotel on Stockton Boulevard to announce the release of their latest plans for more robust development projects in the South Sacramento area.

Coordinated by Ubuntu Green, the event was also attended by members of Soil Born Farms, the Sacramento Building Healthy Communities, and the Fruitridge Manor Neighborhood Association, among others. The press conference was a culmination of extensive input from actual residents.

A symbol of South Sacramento’s lacking infrastructure, the site of the San Juan Motel served as a reminder of all of the work that is still ahead of project leaders of this new initiative. With traffic rumbling in the background, each speaker took their turn addressing the crowd that had gathered on the sidewalk.

Aside from the cameras, the press conference attracted the attention of passersby as well, especially that of resident Javier Padilla.

“There is a crisis with the youth,” Padilla stated. “They don’t have options. They don’t have outlets they can go to, positive outlets, things that they can do to better themselves.”

Planned improvements to the area include affordable housing, improved pedestrian safety, and increased access to healthy eating options. These are all things that could have a ripple effect in the community, can certainly make a difference to the youth that Javier Padilla is concerned for.

“They need resources so they can do more positive things… There’s a lot that can be done,” he added. Hopefully, these planned improvements will revitalize the communities around South Sacramento and bring real, lasting changes.

For more information on the new community action plan, click here.