El Dorado, Yolo, Placer, and Sacramento Counties all have something in common; they all have  high populations of low-income families that do not have access to proper health care. To discuss this issue, on January 15th, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco is holding a Regional Health Care Forum located at the Sierra Health Foundation in Sacramento from 10-12pm.

This event will be an opportunity for individuals that lack access with more information about health coverage in California. Things like partnership opportunities, financing options, clinic locations, and government programs will be of discussion. The community will have the entire event to explore and ask questions. The health forum will also have many community leaders, and health care providers available for in person communication.

Consequently, where someone lives can greatly affect the options that have to healthcare access. Some low-income neighborhoods lack fresh fruits and vegetables, just as another neighborhood may lack adequate health care. Some major factors include transportation,technology housing, and education. The life expectancy in the Central Valley can range by 21 years old depending on the zip code.

“Closing gaps to health care access requires meaningful cross-sector collaboration and innovative systems,” says Leilani Barnett of the Regional Manager at Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.”The purpose of Thursday’s forum is to work toward health equity by continuing this cross-sector dialogue, with community leaders, civic leaders, health care providers, housing , and investors and financial institutions at the same table.”

To get more information about this upcoming event or to register in attendance please click the link below: http://www.sierrahealth.org/srhcp/jan15