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In 2014, California was affected by the drought. Governor Brown asked Californians to reduce all water use by 20 percent to help conserve.

Starting in January of every year, the State Department of Water Resources measures how much water content is in the snowpack to determine the state’s water supply, and in doing so showed that 2014 was the lowest measurement ever taken. Not only is the snowpack affecting the weather but the lack of rain also adds to the need of conservation for water. 2013 was the driest year on record and no there was no change in the conditions for the year 2014. The drought in 2014 became even more serious, affecting California’s water supply.

Our water supply in 2015 will become even more stressed as the state’s population continues to grow with more people and more farms and businesses in need of water. The climate change plays a huge role for California’s water resources because the change of rain patterns will cause longer periods of drought. The year 2015 may prove to be a challenging one since as 2014 offered no change in the conditions of a drought, 2015 will have to prove its progress with the people themselves rethinking ways to conserve the limited amount of water we have.

The drought has already been addressed by the public and whether the drought issue decreases or increases relies heavily upon how communities come together as one to conserve water and improve the water supply.