AhJ0BNuE14PcVOEOn November 28th, Sol Collective hosted a concert, from 8pm-11:30pm. This concert promoted unity and community improvement. The performers who headline the event included: Dre-T, Luke Tailor, Harleen Singh, Just Kristopher, Native Children and Humble The Poet.


The concert started off with different artists coming together performing a griot. A griot is a West African tradition, which the storytellers would come together and tell the village’s story. The artist would take different places around the room. Then, each artist would perform a piece for thirty seconds to a minute. Every time a performer would finish their piece, before the crowd could clap, another artist would rush to perform their piece. They did to keep the crowd’s attention all around the room.

The first performer was Dre-T, he is poet, emcee, and mentor. He performed different songs of his EP called Sacramentality. He performed No Religion, which made the crowd go wild, he also, performed You Can Do It Too, which gives listeners a positive message of no matter what goes on in their life, they can do it too. If you would like to check out more of the music that Dre-T performed, listen here: https://soundcloud.com/dreis9eleven

The second performer was Harleen Singh, she is singer and performing artist. She infused her culture with her music, being Punjabi, she sung in her native tongue. You may not have been able to understand, but when the bass dropped and she began to singing. You couldn’t help, but dance. If you would hear more of her music, click here: https://twitter.com/harleensmusic

The third performer was Luke Tailor, he is a emcee and poet. He performed songs off his EP he just dropped. The song included Sallie Mae Blues, which speaks about his struggle being in debt to the student loan institution, Sallie Mae. Many people in the crowd understood the pain he went through. If you would like to hear more of his music, click here :https://soundcloud.com/luke-tailor

The next performers were a group called Native Children, a collaboration between Wisechild, a producer, and Salvin, a poet and emcee. They made the crowd go wild with the different verses, various beats, and familiar samples they provided in their music. They spoke out different social issues that were going on in the world like “ if you’re black or brown, your local P.D might not give you a chance”. If you would like to hear more music, click here:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbZeIVKW49hnS9Wtz9z-lEw https://soundcloud.com/iniwisechild

The next performer was Just Kristopher, he was a singer and emcee. He performed songs of his EP called Just Play. The songs included, Started Alone, this song talked his time when he was on journey as an artist before he was getting the buzz he is getting right now. He livened up the crowd as he danced on the stage and the crowd sung the words. If you would like to hear more from Just Kristopher, click here:https://soundcloud.com/justplayjk

Finally, the last performer was Humble The Poet, he is a poet, writer, and emcee. He performed different song of his project, which revealed the pain the some people endure in their life. He performed songs which included Baggi Music, which in Punjabi mean rebel music. He also gave the crowd interesting inspirational speeches about life and how to receive what you need to out of life.