The Sacramento Building Healthy Community Youth Leadership Team, People Reaching Out along with many other community organizations have collaborated together to create a campaign called The Grades Up Campaign. The Grades Up Campaign was created to help students pull up their grades, so that they could be successful in their lifetime. The Grades Up Campaign helps students maintain a grade point average of a 3.0 or higher.1556318_300878030115790_2454569281500432406_o

This campaign was created by youth who felt that their teachers didn’t listen to them when they were not passing their classes. To take an active role inside of their education, they sat down together to see what they could do.  This tool was first used by students of Kennedy High School, which promoted students to maintain a 3.0, which is two A’s, two B’s, and two C’s. This helps the students because without the sufficient grades, one wouldn’t be able to participate in different school activities, sports, or attend the college they would like to. The campaign extremely emphasized this with the attendance of college.

How you get involved with the Grades Up Campaign is first you find a “Grades Up” partner. who will help you stay on top your grades by studying together, checking in, and most importantly, supporting each other. Second, you both will fill out “Grades Up” applications, which will help you both stay connected with the campaign and so that if you’re not passing you get help.  Next, you set your goals and make sure you have no D’s or F’s.  Finally, “like” their Facebook and Instagram pages, so you can keep up on different updates about the campaign and resources that are in your communities.

If you would like to signup visit their Facebook page: