Photo by WALKSacramento

WALKSacramento is a organization which provides safety awareness for pedestrians and bicyclists that are out in the streets of Sacramento. Their aim is to create and expand safe walking environments for pedestrians, mostly to young children and elders.

“We’ve made some strides this year in helping people in Sacramento to be healthier, safer and better connected to each other,” says Teri Duarte, Executive Director of WALKSacramento, while looking back on the accomplishments of 2014.

Over the past year, WALKSacramento has been involved in many successes. The campaign has managed to establish a new signal light for pedestrians on Center Parkway, located between Valley Hi Park and an apartment complex. Bridgeway Island Elementary School was given a new pedestrian light at the crosswalk, warning drivers when pedestrians press the button. It was also able to contribute to a grant proposal that will provide Ella Elementary school in Yuba City with sidewalks and bike lanes.

“Will you help us achieve these goals?” Duarte asks of the public, seeking further support for 2015.

WALKSacramento has been involved in many successes and will continue on being involved in many more if their goals for 2015 are met. One of their goals is to have more local residents involved in the process to request for bike lanes or sidewalks in their neighborhoods. Another one would be providing community workshops about future plans for pedestrians in South Sacramento. They also want to work on a Regional Metropolitan Transportation Plan which concerns pedestrians as well. Supporting WALKSacramento will help them reach their goals and anyone can donate to the organization online.

To find out more information about WALKSacramento or to donate online, visit: http://www.walksacramento.org/