Arnold Perkins

December 4th marked a special day for the California Endowment. They hosted the annual awards ceremony dedicated to the public health departments across the state of California. The Advancing Health Equity Awards: Highlighting Health Equity Practice in California Public Health Departments is an acknowledgement for their innovations and efforts which benefit their surrounding communities.

The Health Equity awards were held this year at the California Museum here in Sacramento at 1020 O Street. The night started with a red carpet as the nominees and guests were greeted by the paparazzi. Special guests like Darrell Steinberg, a recognized state leader, even came to show support and appreciation. Arnold X. Perkins was the man of the night because he would receive the Outstanding Health Equity Practice for Alameda County Public Health Department. He was also honored with a one-time tribute for his lifetime of commitment and passion for social justice in his community.

Other awards were granted to Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency for Exemplary Small County Practice. Sonoma County Department of Health Services received the Exemplary Medium County Practice award. Last but not least, the Los Angeles Department of Public Health “Parks after Dark” received the Exemplary Large County Practice award. As each department received their awards, their supporting staff received recognition as well.

During the entire ceremony staff, friends, and family were able to enjoy fine dining and an elegant presentation. Department videos and pictures were showcased between each award that gave needed information and also were very enjoyable to watch. The 2014 ceremony was a success, and the different health departments of California are looking forward to see what new events will take place in 2015.