Photo by Mark Smeltzer

The LCFF, or Local Control Funding Formula, is California’s new school funding law that ensures school budgets address the needs of students. Information and discussions about the LCFF and development of the LCAP, or Local Control and Accountability Plans, took place at the La Familia Counseling Center on December 3rd.

“The new Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) offers a historic opportunity to usher in a new era of greater parent and family engagement in our schools,” states the LCFF and LCAP handout from the La Familia Counseling Center.

Information about LCAP was reviewed to the school board trustees, teachers, students, parents and organizations that attended. LCAP is a part of LCFF, and describes how funds are spent and the districts goals in achieving success for students. LCFF is available to all students and there is extra funds provided for those with special needs. To providing funds for students, LCFF must address state priorities by making plans or setting goals through the LCAP. Money must be shown how it will be spent and there should be improved services for the students with high needs with the money that has been generated.

Discussions consisted of groups in different tables, each having at least one person to facilitate the group. Each group had different topics, spending an amount of time discussing with one another about their topic. After all of the groups finished discussing their topic, one person from each table summarized what their group spoke of, also explaining their concerns. Mainly, this event’s purpose was to review LCFF and LCAP and share ways to improve the LCAP, as well as advertising the LCAP Advisory Committee Application.

More information on the LCFF and LCAP can be found here: http://www.capta.org/