Bullying Prevention Netiquette for students 12.14.ppt

Netiquette power point slide by Xinh Pham

“What is Netiquette?”

CSUS Intern Xinh Pham worked with Jessica Wharton, who is a part of the Sacramento City Unified School District to create a Netiquette powerpoint. The purpose was to introduce the topic of bullying and educate the importance of Netiquette to elementary school students. Netiquette is internet manners within mail or social media, using appropriate language and keeping the conversation civilized.

The Netiquette powerpoint consists of exactly nineteen slides which include information about Netiquette and bullying, as well as videos and activities. It was stated in the powerpoint that Netiquette can be used to stay safe online and communicate effectively with friends and family online, making sure that thoughts and feelings are conveyed properly. With the use of Netiquette on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, bullying can be prevented.

“We can hurt and effect other people with what we really do not mean to say,” the consequences powerpoint slide states.

Bullying is the intention to cause harm to another individual that is repeated over time, causing an imbalance of power. There are different types of bullying such as verbal bullying, inappropriate words used to cause harm. Social bullying, hurting someone’s reputation and excluding an individual. Physical bullying, unwanted physical contact. Cyber bullying, using social media to inflict harm. The Netiquette powerpoint highlights cyber bullying and points out that good netiquette can prevent online bullying.

“Some students posting on the social media site Instagram said Ronin had been bullied and said they saw that as a link to his death,” Loretta Kalb and Cathy Locke claims on an article in The Sacramento Bee.

Twelve year old middle school student, Ronin Shimizu was found dead Wednesday before 3p.m. Fellow classmates claimed that Ronin had been a victim of cyber bullying. However no one really knows the exact truth. Only that Ronin’s death was not murder but most likely suicide. Bullying can affect anyone and the Netiquette powerpoint may help educate elementary school students to ensure a safe future.

You can view the Netiquette powerpoint by clicking here