Access Sacramento’s 10 original world premiere films from the 2014 “Place Called Sacramento” will be broadcast for the first time on Access Sacramento Cable channel 17 this Sunday.


Place Called Sacramento Mascot Quentin Sacramento


The films were all written, produced and directed by Sacramento filmmakers, starring Sacramento actors and using local technicians and crew.

The festival begins with a script writing competition where 10 scripts are selected for production over the summer, intending to reveal the work the following October on the big screen at The Crest Theatre.

Sunday’s telecast includes the opening introduction of the festival with comments from Access Sacramento board chair JoAnn Fuller and Executive Director Gary Martin. After the 10 films, several announcements include the naming of the Audience Favorite and the Producer’s choice awards.

Watch the festival on Access Sacramento, Comcast and Consolidated Communications (SureWest) Channel 17 and AT&T U-verse channel 14.  The program can also be seen from Access

The films are:

“Bereaved” by Illana Hack – In an endless parade of funerals, one limo driver’s life take an unanticipated turn the day Gloria Steinberg speaks to him from the back seat.

“The Charismatic Man” by Tony Carillo Rodriguez  –Hard work brings a Sacramento piano virtuoso the job of his dreams. But can the man making the offer be trusted?

“The Find” by Adam Chollet  – Crying “Eureka!” may bring sudden joy—or disaster. One father and son must decide after “The Find” brings an bewildering choice.

“Hope and Prey” by Karen Orcutt When the stress of returning home from war begins to destroy his family, one man’s search for hope follows a path he never expected.

“Labyrinth” by Lonon Smith  – A rediscovered memory of a life in the Gold Rush brings a man face-to-face with a contemporary future, when he sets out to walk “The Labyrinth.”

“Parkway” by David Schwartz – A group of homeless trying to survive along the American River find life closing in on them from two unexpected directions.

“The Shadow Over Sacramento” by Daniel Paschal  – One by one the homeless along the river are disappearing. A sharp-witted detective spots a light of truth, but can he penetrate “The Shadow Over Sacramento”?

“The Story” by Danna Wilberg  – One mother’s Christmas holiday takes a surprising turn when an unexpected visitor suddenly steers “The Story” in a whole new direction.

“Time Waits for No One” by Tom Pettit  – The source of a young man’s super power to affect the speed of time is revealed as he encounters the identities of those closest to him.

“Two Pods and a Pea” by Thuy Pham  Modern medicine or time honored customs? Expectant Sacramento parents try for balance as their magic day approaches.

The festival program can be seen on the following nine dates:

Sunday, December 21st @ 5:00pm
Monday, December 22nd @ 9:00am
Tuesday, December 23rd @ 1:00am

Saturday, December 27th @ 6:00pm
Sunday, December 28th @ 10:00am
Monday, December 29th @ 2:00am

Sunday, January 4th @ 5:30pm
Monday, January 5th @ 9:30am
Tuesday, January 6th @ 1:30am