On December 11th from 12 to 2pm at Ubuntu Green facilities at 2614 36th Street, a working group is defined as a committee or group appointed to study and report on a particular question and make recommendations based on findings. This meeting will focus on the findings of the 2014 housing and urban agriculture reports. The goal of Ubuntu Green is that advocacy, education, and community empowerment be established by the people themselves. Ubuntu Green is also a nonprofit organization therefore their philosophy of generosity and sharing is setting an example for the surrounding communities., Ubuntu Green will host an Environmental Justice Working Group in Sacramento. This event happens quarterly with the hopes to improve the  availability of healthy foods in the urban communities of Sacramento. The event is free and the community is encouraged to attend in order to come up with the 2015 goals of the working group.

“This meeting will include discussions regarding regional strategies for cap and trade funding, collaborative work opportunities, and ordinance updates for urban agriculture and housing,” says Jeanette Lim, Community Engagement and Research & Data Coordinator at Ubuntu Green.

It is important for the community to be involved in this event because its a chance for their voices to be heard. Who knows a community better than the people that live in it? So when the findings of 2014 are discussed, the people can represent themselves to say whether or not situations were improved. They also have the first hand experience of what is needed in their communities. Housing is the start of everyone’s lifestyle because that alone factors in employment opportunities, living costs, educational availability, and also adds to ones character. Secondly urban agriculture can be a start of healthy eating for some and one’s diet is essential for survival. The amount of people that attend will reflect the volume of the cry for help.