1203141852cOn December 3rd, the parents, students, and other concerned members of the community met at the La Familia Counseling Center in order to review the Local Control Accountability Plan for the Sacramento City Unified School District. Also on the docket for the evening was helping newcomers understand the state’s Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF).

“You have the power now… That’s what Local Control means,” said Carl Pinkston from the Black Parallel School Board. The focus of the meeting was to empower members of the community to hold the district accountable and to help make its LCAP more effective.

The forum began with an introduction on what the LCAP is and a brief summary on how data is collected to report to the state. Community members were shown the demographics of the SCUSD, as well as the need-based structure of its budget. According to the Department of Education, the school district’s LCAP must “meet annual goals for all pupils, with specific activities to address state and local priorities,” as defined by state law.

“Equal treatment for children in unequal situations is not justice.” These words from Governor Jerry Brown echoed as attendees watched his 2013 State of the State address, hoping to gain perspective on the importance of local meetings like this.

Then, event facilitators organized smaller discussions on the specifics of the LCAP and asked attendees to discuss their personal experiences with the school district and state funding program. They reviewed answers the school district gave to questions asked by the state about its LCAP. The groups then rated the truthfulness of those answers based on personal experience.

By the end of the meeting, each topic had been thoroughly talked over by each group, and a representative from each one stood up shared a couple points that the table agreed on.

“Seize the opportunity that has been given to you,” said Howard Lawrence of Sacramento Area Congregations Together.  Hopefully, Wednesday’s forum helped to solidify the community’s commitment to keeping the schools district’s budget on track.

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