winter-sant-300x130Sacramento Winter Sanctuary is a program that is aimed towards helping homeless men and women. Sacramento Steps Forward has collaborated with religious groups to ensure that the Sacramento Winter Sanctuary program will be able to provide resources that the homeless need in order to find shelter during the cold winter months.

“Winter Sanctuary is the only winter shelter option in our community supported entirely by the private sector,” according to a 2012-2013 Winter Sanctuary Community report by Michelle Moons.

The Winter Sanctuary is supported by various religious groups in an effort built by the community. Homeless individuals are able to seek help and receive warm meals while having somewhere to stay for the night through the Winter Sanctuary program. In order to successfully provide the homeless with what they need, Winter Sanctuary is looking for religious groups to volunteer as a server for the homeless guests with dates from December 8 to March 31.

If you are unable to volunteer as a host for the homeless, there is always the option of donating to get involved with the program. It only costs $11 a day to support a homeless person in need of shelter and food. Donations contribute with the transition to becoming self-sufficient and leaving the streets permanently.

You can support the Winter Sanctuary program and learn more about how to make a difference by visiting