The Food Literacy Center is an organization working to stop the flood of unhealthy and processed food from entering our supermarkets and schools. To combat this The Food Literacy Center has set up programs that teach students about nutrition, cooking, and where food comes from at four area schools with plans to get into at least 10 Sacramento schools in 2015. To do this, for the next seven weeks the organization plans to try to get donations and fundraise so everyone in the community can support the cause.00-00-06-22-69-84-6226984_1819513

“They make the food so fun and colorful,” says Evonne, an after school teacher and attendee of the Food Literacy Center’s classes. “The kids want to taste it.”

The Food Literacy Center’s programs have made children, who were subject to unhealthy foods in school, more open to eating vegetables and healthier food. Donations from the community help to improve and move these programs so that as many children as possible can receive these benefits. Now, The Food Literacy Center is relying heavily on the community to support them for the next seven weeks. A $120 donation directly goes to them and earns you the title of a member, a member who helps support this organization in their goal of standing up against big junk food.

For low income children, this knowledge and opportunity is not usually open to them to take ahold of and The Food Literacy Center is doing what they can to make sure those children and others can have this experience. With the help of the community and the donations, they can reach their goals to expand. If  interested, you can log onto and make a donation to support this cause.