CFLC_LogoFood Literacy Center is a health awareness organization that focuses on ways to provide a nutritious lifestyle for children. They educate low-income elementary school students to ensure that every kid has a chance to experience a bright and healthy future.

“Our plan is to just continue to reach more and more children with food literacy education, both here in the Sacramento region and eventually statewide,” says Amber Stott, Founder and Executive Director of the Food Literacy Center.

Food Literacy Center is raising $50,000 in order to reach ten area schools in 2015. There is only seven weeks left to donate and support this cause that can benefit children all over Sacramento. If you donate, junk food will be suppressed and kids will be inspired to lead a healthy lifestyle that consists of fruits and vegetables. If your donation reaches $120, then you will be qualified to become a food literacy member.

According to Stott, these days, cooking is overlooked by many families. However, Food Literacy Center seeks to teach children the importance of cooking, which can have a big impact on their lives. Not only does Food Literacy Center teach children how to cook, but they educate them about the origin of cooking and healthy habits that will matter to them in the future. By becoming a donor today, you can support the future of these low-income elementary students.

For more information about Food Literacy Center and the donation drive, please visit: