History was made when Proposition 47 was passed in Sacramento, due in part to the Let My People Vote Campaign and the Sacramento Area Congregations Together. Both of these programs worked hard, using volunteers and other resources to accomplish their goal. Proposition 47 was able to be passed and supported by a large amount of the state and a majority of the Sacramento voters supported the Proposition, even though it did receive some opposition. California voters were able to express their voices and let it be heard.



Proposition 47 reduces the classification of small, nonviolent crimes from felonies to misdemeanors. The reason for this proposition is the shunning of people away from jobs, schools, and communities because of the felonies on their records, even if their offences were minor. To many this Proposition, means the freedom to do many things they would not be able to had it not been passed. It means more job openings and an abundance of opportunities for a great deal of Californians with felonies on their records. Some could return to school, and ultimately accomplish their dreams and goals.

Sacramento Area Congregations Together leaders were able to get 9,000 commitments to vote from Sacramento area residents. They accomplished this through things such as phone-banking, canvassing door-to-door, and pledge card collection drives. They also educated thousands of people and voters at various events.  The passage of Proposition 47 was a very big success for the Sacramento A.C.T. and for the people who have felt the burden of having a felony on their record for minor infractions.

Prop 47 has demonstrated that Californians can come together to lift their voices and put in place programs to improve schools, health systems, equal rights, mass incarcerations, and economic justice . Sacramento Area Congregations Together made achieving the passing of the proposition their goal and they have reached it.

To find out more about Sacramento Area Congregation, please visit: http://www.sacact.org/