Do+The+Math+Schools+Prisons+(800x333)_a2eeba2d-e59f-4d2d-8ec6-0a0cf1c8c55a-prvA major issue facing communities all over the state of California is known as “Do The Math” and it concerns the spending of approximately $62,300 per prisoner each year while student spends lingers beneath $10,000 per child. Many Californians, from safety and justice backgrounds and individuals have come together through the internet to support highlighting this cause, spreading awareness of its iniquity and how that money can be used on differently.

“Of course prisons are essential when it comes to keeping our world safe,” says John Coey, english teacher at Luther Burbank High School. “However, that $62,300 can be used on the children of the future, to better our home, school, and community.”

By shifting that $62, 300, it is believed that there is a way to provide what the community desperately needs and which some don’t have. For instance, one thing that could be done with those resources is the creation of a fulfilling and peaceful environment at school where there is enough of everything. Important needs such as healthy food, more after school programs, never running short of nurses or counselors, and improving each schools everyday surroundings.

There is now a Facebook page to further spread the awareness of the injustice of California not spending its money wisely. Anyone can visit this page by clicking here: