ubuntu_green_logo“We’d like to say if Ubuntu Green vanished tomorrow, we hope that the people we work with will have the skills to continue our work,” says Katie Valenzuela Garcia. Ubuntu Green is a community organization located in the city of Sacramento. This organization focuses on building a self sufficient neighborhood that can provide for itself. In the neighborhood of South Oak Park, the community building is not usually done, so Ubuntu Green does their work and whatever it can to help and change that. Every Wednesday, student volunteers discuss events and oppurtunities as well as tend the garden. These youth help people start gardens around the community, while learning skills that can build them up as people, and help the benefit the community.

On October 8th, an example was shown of how they get their mission done. At 3:00 p.m, groups of volunteers of all ages visited the Ubuntu Green garden located in South Oak Park. While there, these visitors learned how to plant seeds and tend a garden. It was a bonding experience that promoted knowledge and self suffiency, benefitting the young. These volunteers learned how they could grow their own food in their backyards and the beginnings of how to help and sustain their own community.

Ubuntu Green has a mission to create a self sustainable neighborhood and they are on their way to doing it. With help from people like Katie and her youth volunteers, the community and its people are taught how to help themselves so that one day, the people community can accomplish Ubuntu Green’s goal to be, “committed to promoting healthy, sustainable, and equitable communities through advocacy, education, community development, and empowerment.”