“Slow Food Sacramento loves partnering with the Food Literacy Center, Amber Stott, and her great board and volunteers,” said Charity Kenyon, a Slow Food Sacramento board member. The Food Literacy Center is an organization whose mission is to make sure citizens have access to the tools they need to provide themselves a healthy future. Recently the Food Literacy Center was awarded the Snail of Approval award by Slow Food Sacramento for a variety of reasons.

Slow Food Sacramento gives this award to organizations every year, provided that they support the Slow Food mission of providing clean and healthy food for everyone. Some of the things taken into consideration by Slow Food are the emphasization of local and seasonal foods and how much the organization reduces waste by composting and recycling. Many organizations have a chance to win and are nominated, so to be chosen shows the Food Literacy Center is about their business and are focused on making their goals and ideas manifest. This award is put in place so that consumers can make wise choices when it comes to what they eat and what organizations they support. To see the full criteria and a list of past winners, visit: www.slowfoodsacramento.com.
The recipient of this award, Food Literacy Center, has also put in place other programs which show why they were chosen. One of the criteria of the award is to provide and emphasize healthy and clean food for all, and this organization is making it one of their goals to do that. Two new schools have begun with food literacy programming, bringing their total count to four. At these schools, 600 students receive lessons on cooking and nutrition, making them “edibly knowledgable”. These advancements and continuations of food literacy are impacting the community in a positive way, little by little. Ultimately the goal is to have everyone literate and knowledgeable about food, how to get healthy food, what goes into our food, and Food Literacy is well on their way to reaching that goal.