2young2Young2Vote is an organization focused on getting more voters to the polls during elections. Of the past ten election cycles, voter turnout was expected to be at the lowest last Tuesday and this is what 2Young2Vote is focused on. They are focused on the young adults who recently turned 18 and teenagers who need their voices heard in the community. Often times the youth are looked down upon as voices who are not mature enough to influence others or bring about change. That is not always the case and this organization has emphasized this and focuses on the ideas of the youth. It is a gateway for young adults to share their ideas to those who will listen. They help to show that young people “have the power and influence to shape the conversation and move people to the ballot box.”

2Young2Vote is an online platform where social media and technology is used to get more people to vote and push Californians into action in 2014 .  The youth and their stories are also being used to help show the public why they need to get out and vote. To be heard all a youth member would have to do is share their photo on the 2Young2Vote website, upload why they think voting is important to them, “like” 2Young2Vote on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and let the world know that their voice matters. They can also use share the website by using #2Young2Vote. All of this is to ensure that those who aren’t usually heard can have a voice can challenge those who have the ability to vote and make decisions, but don’t. For more information and to get involved, visit www.2Young2VoteNow.org.