10744915_532665210202546_148489559_nOn October 31, students of Luther Burbank High School organized an event called the Halloween Barn. The group of students are called Key Club, an international high school organization that extends from California, to Nevada and Hawaii. Key Club’s purpose is to serve those who are in need of help, such as the community or an individual.

The Halloween Barn is a annual event in which Key Club members create their own Halloween themed room and entertain the first graders that are enrolled in Bowling Green so that they have a wonderful time. Teachers come along and parents are welcome to attend with their children as well.

“The Halloween barn was fun and it was great seeing key clubbers dressed up for the event and give out candy to first graders,” Vicky Oun, former Secretary of Luther Burbank High School Key Club and now member said. “Everyone was smiling.”

High school students that are a part of Key Club spend two weeks decorating and finalizing their Halloween Barn. Halloween Barn themes consisted of The Nightmare Before Christmas, Zombie Mansion, Cirque Du Freak, and many more. On the day of the event, the rest of the Key Club members that work in the cafeteria set up the stations before the children from Bowling Green arrived. When the first grade students from Bowling Green arrive, two tour guides from the ten, guide each of the groups into the cape making station, face painting station, drawing station, and food station.

Tour Guides each take turn guiding their groups to the Halloween Barn in which Key Club members dressed up according to their theme, waiting inside their barn room to give candy to the children. At the end of the day, the first graders form Bowling Green are allowed to choose one Pumpkin scattered across the cafeteria and take it home. Key Club marked a successful event and will continue to do so in the years to come.