large_72a1b663-cd80-4241-b6da-166b68a48ce5On October 25, the 11th annual Run For A Safe Haven took place at William Land Park. Run For a Safe Haven is a fundraiser for women or children who are victims to violence put on by My Sister’s House. My Sister’s House is an organization that centers around domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, and other issues that may degrade an individual of their rights and identity.

“Run For a Safe Haven is part of showing those subject to domestic violence that if there is a will, then there is a way out,” says Darryl Woo, Board President of My Sister’s. “Thanks to all of you who have made it even in this rainy weather because it just goes to show the compassion and strong support you all have towards saving the lives of these women and children.”

Various booths supporting the Run For A Safe Haven appeared around an area of the park to give out information on the different kinds of violence. One booth consisted of refreshments, available to all who attended for the run. Before the adult run began, a dance teacher warmed up the audience by Zumba dancing to two songs.

Participants that registered for the event were encouraged to donate and run to support the cause. The run was exactly three miles around the park, individuals running on a limited amount of time and others freely running, sometimes stopping to walk. Even pets got in on the action, consisting of mostly dogs along with their owners.

Though the weather was a rainy one, a good amount of volunteers for the run still showed up to strive for the long three mile run to help save the lives of women and children subjected to domestic violence.