10561675_10152422580887669_5936932001775204416_nThis month, the Asian Pacific American Advocates partnered up with Sacramento Regional Coalition for Tolerance and Darrel Steinberg to host the Youth Rally event at the California State Capitol Museum. For the second year, Youth Rally has spread the awareness that October is the national bullying prevention month once again.

“October is national bullying prevention month at the State Capitol,” Susie Wong, the Youth Rally Chair, stated. “And it’s to raise awareness and highlight the impact of bullying and whether if it’s a person bullying someone or someone being bullied…”

Youth Rally consisted of teens and adults who set up their own booths to educate those who attended, the different types of mistreatment and to stand up and speak out. Creative posters were hung up, displayed to attract people and create a visual effect to demonstrate the targeted mistreatment. A raffle prize was offered as well, to anyone who went to nine stations and had nine stamps on their passport paper.

Throughout the day, inspirational speakers who were an important contribution and those who shared their personal story about their real life experience with bullying, voiced out their speeches. Performances such as singing and dancing that played in between the speeches, evoked strong emotions from the crowd.

“We will not tolerate bullying,” Roger Dickinson, the Democratic member representing district 7 stated.

The Youth Rally just marked a successful second year, the event now scheduled to be annually on the month of October.