Hiding in Meadow Glen Apartments, located in Sacramento’s Meadowview neighborhood, is the Roberts Family Development Center (RFDC). This youth center is one of many located throughout Sacramento and Stockton California. In August 2001 the co-founders Derrell and Tina Roberts established RFDC in dedication to their grandparents Edmond St. Cyr Jr. and Ronie Howard. RFDC is an after school/summer program that is linked with its fellow school districts. There are ten locations to be exact, all in which take place in the parents of the students residential apartment complex community rooms.

RFDC Meadow Glen is funded by the Sacramento School District, John Co and Company, and the Council Members Office. Due to the lack of care providers for children in low- income neighborhoods, RFDC provides a safe and educational place for kids ages 14 and under. The program assists with school work, field trips, and even recreational activities. The children not only get extra educational help, but they leave everyday with a sense of community and teamwork.

“The Roberts Family Development Center has helped me realize I don’t like bullying,” says Ashley, a 10-year-old youth member. “R- respect yourself and others, F- follow  directions at all times, D- demonstrate a positive attitude, and C- is consider the consequences of your actions. So that means that you’re supposed to treat others as you want to be treated.”

That is the Roberts Family Development Center’s mission statement for the kids. No matter what school the children are coming from, staff from RFDC repeat this as they walk with the young members to their nearest center. Friendships and student relationships are built as a result of the amount of teamwork delivered from the students, their school personnel, and the staff of RFDC.

Children are our future, therefore it is a wonderful opportunity for parents in need, students in need, but as well as communities in need. Youth that are filled with meaningful activities are less likely to be apart of the neighborhood crime levels. As the stigma of the neighborhood continues to change, the Roberts Family Development Center is hoping to keep the youth focused on the positive in their lives.