On October 4th at Asian Resources on Stockton Blvd, many different Sacramento’s Building Healthy Communities grantees and community members came together to educate the residents of South Oak Park about the importance of voting and getting the residents actually to vote.


Volunteers who came out to help register voters.

The reason why the community and grantees came specifically to the community of South Oak Park because out of all the BHC neighborhoods, it had the lowest voter turnout. Out of all the registered voters who live in South Oak Park, only 14% came out to vote in the June election. The Sacramento Building Healthy Communities members wondered why only that many voters cast a ballot even though there is a lot of issues in this neighborhood that need to be addressed. While the community may feel that the politicians don’t care about their issues, by not voting they are basically ensuring that the politicians don’t prioritize their concerns. Sacramento BHC members and residents alike both find this sort of community activism to be very rewarding because they get to connect with residents inside of this neighborhood.

“We are doing two canvasses in targeted Building Healthy Communities neighborhoods to get information about different BHC organizations, elections, and resources,” says Christine Tien, Program Manager for the California Endowment. “We plan on getting fifty to a hundred conversations and get them to pledge to vote.”

The BHC also held a Resource and Education Fair on October 15th. Food was provided and the attendees were educated on different resources inside their community and the importance of voting.