IMG_4303On October 18th, Sacramento City College and Low End Theory Collaborative allied together to create a hip-hop conference called “Rock The School Bells”. Rock The School Bells is a hip-hop conference that started in San Bruno, California at Skyline College. This conference was produced to educate and liberate students on how hip-hop got started, what hip-hop was back then, what is hip-hop today, and what the components of hip-hop are. Organizers wanted to promote change throughout hip-hop and the importance of higher education.

Rock The School Bells featured different workshops such as break dancing, producing beats, DJing, and emceeing. The first workshop was called “What is Hip-Hop?’ It was taught by Kim D,  an academic adviser at San Francisco State University. It was about what does hip-hop means to everyone. It also explained about the groups in hip-hop who are discriminated against including female emcees, white emcees, Asian-American dancers, disabled communities, and LGBTQ communities. Each participants broke off into different groups to discuss what they thought about the different groups. Participants discussed different stereotypes associated with the discriminated groups. The participants found out each group broke through the barriers in their life, and used hip-hop to explain how they felt.

The next workshop was a beat-making workshop taught by WiseChild, a local Sacramento producer. WiseChild taught about the basics of what it takes to make a beat. He explained what type of programs one could use, how to make different sounds, and how to merge them together. He played a beat called Man Jeet which he created and participants spoke about how that made them feel. Many people found the beat to be very meditative.

The final workshop was a DJing workshop, taught by DJ El Indio and Clever Tribe. They talked about the different equipment one could use to DJ and what different programs one could use.

“Just do it, don’t get discouraged when you see people better than you, you can never lose experience,” said Clever Tribe.

During lunch, different emcees got to come up on stage, and speak their truth. The crowd went crazy over the emcees and the live drum set by WiseChild.

Rock The School Bells empowered the students to let them know about where the hip-hop culture started, why it was created, and the components of hip-hop. If you’re a hip-hop fan, consider attending Rock The School Bells 2015.