Sac POSTAccording to Sacramento Poster Outreach 2 Stop Trafficking, the FBI considers Sacramento a major hub of sex trafficking of minors, as young as 12 years of age. This problem is continuing to grow so the community of Sacramento has developed new programs that will hopefully decrease the numbers of human trafficking cases. By informing people about the illegal activity being done by underage girls, SacPOST is dedicated in taking steps to better the surrounding areas.

One definition of human trafficking is sexual slavery that is forced, while those in control make profit off of that force.

“It was either stick to the family business and bring home some money, or be forced on the streets to basically be pimped by a stranger,” says Alice. Born and raised as a resident of South Sacramento, her dream was to escape the hardships of her neighborhood in Meadowview. Consequently due to the lifestyle of being a young prostitute, her familiar neighborhood has actually become her worksite. She knows the streets, the geography, and it’s easy for her to pick up customers because she knows everyone. The neighborhood people even protect her from law enforcement. Alice went on to say that is is not law enforcement she is afraid of, but her mother, the person that has been profiting from her pain since she was 14 years old.

Because of a new law, twelve different types of businesses actually have to post a notice that has the national human trafficking hotline number listed along with other anti-trafficking information. This law was established in April of 2013. The girls will hopefully see these notices and start to come forward to receive the proper help and care to restart their lives. Girls like Alice now have a chance fight for their freedom and hold on to what has not already been lost.

Upcoming on November 2, 2014, SacPOST will need volunteers to visit the local businesses in areas of Sacramento to make sure that these notices have been displayed. If the notices are not viewable, the volunteers will have copies made to do so themselves for the business. All the volunteers will also be attending a human trafficking educational class before hitting the streets of Sacramento taught at McGeorge Law School.