blank[1]blank[1] 916 ink916 INK is a organization which seeks to attain literary benefits for children and young adults. Their aim is to increase the literacy rates at an early age. Encouraging academic growth, a part of the reading and writing process, plays a helpful role where one can improve and succeed. This organization specializes mostly in creative writing, providing the ability of its participants to learn, to create, and to further develop the capacity of their imaginations. The main focus of 916 INK is to build confidence and form a place of creative opportunity.

According to their webpage, 916 INK has led the effort to promote youth literacy in Sacramento through creative writing workshops that end in publication. They have published over 30 books, serving over 1000 young authors in the Sacramento region.

Youth voices are promoted through the publication of these books from the three programs 916 INK has to offer. 916 INK Find Your Voice focuses mainly on the creative writing process in the genres such as fiction and poetry. 916 Ink Zine Workshop revolves around short stories that take the form of a self publication using the method of photo pasting. 916 Ink Makes Comics involves the taking writing ideas of the children and young adults and then turning them into a comic book with the help of professional artists.

The Enchanted Noise of Crooked Names is one of the books that had been recently published by young adults from grades six to twelve. To celebrate this publication, 916 Ink will be holding a party. The event is on October 14, from 5:30 – 7 pm at the Brickhouse Art Gallery. Light refreshments will be provided for those that attend.

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