On October 9th, Unseen Heroes and The Oak Park Business Association collaborated to produce a gourmet food paradise on Broadway and 3rd Avenue called Gather: Oak Park. It started from 5pm – 9pm, throughout that time you will experience fine music, crafted beer, high quality goods, and exquisite cuisine.



On A Beautiful Night, Gather

Gather: Oak Park takes advantage of  a beautiful California night and a block transforming a city block into a dining room. Many people who attended Gather: Oak Park, loved the experience; it was accessible to the residents in the community, to go to Gather: Oak Park, many residents could just walk a few blocks to attend. It created a sense of community, the residents got to meet different people in their community that they may not know, but now you meet them and can connect with them over things you have in common. Also,  you can have beautifully crafted cuisine, tasteful beers, and artistic goods made by local businesses in Sacramento. Not only are you having a good time eating great food, you are contributing to the local economy because all of the restaurants that were featured at Gather: Oak Park were based in Sacramento.

“We came up this idea with the Oak Park Business Association, we talked about having an event that gathered community, we had this concept called Gather,” says Roshaun of Unseen Heroes. ” Its infusing the old neighborhood with the old neighborhood, and Oak Park is a good core for that, there is tons of rich history here, and there is this new development happening as well, with Gather were molding the two together and giving people a reason to come out of their houses.”

Gather is an event bringing people out of their houses creating a sense of community over great food, live music and beautiful California. Unfortunately, this was the last Gather: Oak Park, but when they do come back around, come out because on a beautiful night Gather.


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