Splash! & Frankenstein


LiveWire! is happy to have guests from Splash!, a Sacramento non-profit organization that teaches children about their natural environment. Their mission is “Helping children understand and value their natural world.” There are classes about plants, animals, vernal pools, and more! Tune in to LiveWire! to learn more.

Visit for more information.


We are also happy to have guests from the play “Frankenstein”. Jes Gonzales will be on the program to tell us about the play.

From the Resurrection Theatre website:

“Adrienne Sher directs this stunning adaptation of Mary Shelley’s horror classic, penned by local playwright Jes Gonzales. Brilliant young scientist Victor Frankenstein makes a groundbreaking discovery about the genesis of life, and finds himself haunted by his creation. Starring Elizabeth Holzman (Doubt, Romeo & Juliet, BIT’s “The Language Archive” and Capital Stage’s “Tribes”), Nicholas Gailbreath, and Andrew Struck.”

The play is presented by Resurrection Theatre and runs from October 17th through the 31st at California Stage at the R25 Complex in midtown Sacramento.

For more information about the “Frankenstein” log on to or call (916) 223-9368.

Tune in to LiveWire! at 5 p.m.  Wednesday, October 8th on Access Sacramento channel 17. You can also watch the simulcast online the same time it airs at www.AccessSacramento,org and click ‘watch 17’. The encore presentation airs the following Thursday at 7:30 p.m.