Greetings! My name is Chazahyah Yisrael, I am seventeen years old, and I am a native of Sacramento. I love the city I live in and try to take advantage of all the opportunities that are presented to me. One of those opportunities is being a local news correspondent for Access Sacramento and I plan on doing my best to give a voice to the events and happenings that take place in the community. I am grateful for this opportunity to be able to report the news and be apart of the team.


Chazahyah Yisrael, a young Neighborhood News Correspondent.


I was once told by my teacher, “The leading cause of not being successful, is not being active, and not thinking of success while you strive.” I try to do this with all the activities I partake in, with that mind frame, the mindset of always trying to do something. That being said, writing has always been apart of my life in some way, shape, or form. Whether it be creating a poem, a story, or an article, writing has always been there, so it pleases me that I can now share my abilities and talents with this community.


As of now, I am a senior at Christian Brothers High School, where the majority of my time is spent, from 8:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m weekdays. To be honest, that was not my first choice for high school and was one that was not planned. At first, I was a loner, not involved in student activities and sat off to the side, wondering why I was there, but as time grew on I realized that Christian Brothers was a great fit for me and one of the best high schools that I could have attended. I am now more involved with the school community and now have opened up options for me in the future which has truly been a blessing. And of course, even at school I stay in touch with writing, joining poetry, spoken word, and other various writing clubs around campus.

My love for writing and journalism is what brought me to Access Sacramento. It has brought me next to other writers and young minds who share a love for composition. My parents have encouraged me to pursue whatever I can that utilizes my skills and through this position, I intend to use my skills to the fullest and to hopefully grow as a better writer. AccessLocal.Tv is just the first start in the list of opportunities and is a perfect place to grow.