Hello, I’m Sheng Valerie Xiong and this is a picture of me.

Hello, my name is Sheng Valerie Xiong. The city of Sacramento is where I have lived my whole life, though I don’t plan on continue doing so forever since I would love to one day explore living within a different place. I am sixteen years old, a high school senior attending Luther Burbank and I would describe myself as curious, hardworking, and passionate towards real world issues and matters that I have a strong connection with. Issues such as animal cruelty, bullying, or typical culture beliefs that appear normal but are morally wrong really spark a fire within me.

When I’m not in school or at home, then I would most likely be outside where there is lots of greenery and a quiet atmosphere. I mostly enjoy reading during my free time, from different types of genres such as mystery, horror, to the classics, and romance. While growing up, I was not one to be deeply involved with the Hmong culture because I come from a non-traditional family. Communication is especially hard for me when it comes to my culture since it seems as if those who grew up embracing the culture have different opinions of how the way of life should be. There are a few unjust issues within my culture that I would like to change, but I am still viewed as a young teenager by some and that I need more experience.

AccessLocal.Tv is a great starting point for me to venture out from my comfort zone and pursue my dreams and aspirations. Journalism is a great way to peer more deeply into another form of writing and understand the true meaning of what exactly is being observed. Mainly, I would like to become a successful writer someday, to turn real world issues into the form of a story that will make readers think and gain a new insight. I look forward to working with AccessLocal.Tv and the challenges that may come to further help me grow, both physically and mentally.