Yeshahyah Yisrael performing at Sol Collective’s Global Local

My name is Yeshahyah Yisrael and I’m a 16-year-old sophomore the California Virtual Academy. I am a resident of South Oak Park in the beautiful city of Sacramento where I have been a part of the Sacramento’s Building Healthy Community Youth Leadership Team for one year. When I’m not building healthy communities and engaging youth in my community, I pursue my passion, music and poetry. I enjoy music, history, and art. I am a part of many different Sacramento’s Building Healthy Communities grantees. One of those grantees is the Yisrael Family Urban Farm, an urban farm in South Sacramento, which uses agriculture to educate, empower, and employ the residents in Sacramento. Another is Sol Collective, which is a community gathering which focuses on arts, culture, and activism among the youth. Yet another which I’m a part of is Foreign Native, an organization who uses creative expression and poetic arts to engage youth from different backgrounds and helps them to be successful in their journeys through the world by providing them with educational achievement and leadership skills.

I am a returning Neighborhood News Correspondent. I returned to AccessLocal.Tv because I enjoyed the work I performed before, it gave me an insight into the good works happening all over Sacramento. It gave me confidence because it showed me I wasn’t the only person who cared about changing individuals and the world for the better. I also learned how to use equipment that I have never came in contact with. It also strengthened the writing that I do overall because I’m a spoken word artist and a hip-hop artist, so I do a lot of composing. My writing has become stronger and more well-put together. I also believe that my skills can grow even more than they already have. I look forward to working with my team and capturing the great work that is happening all over Sacramento.