On August 29th, Sol Collective, a community gathering that focuses on arts, culture, and activism among the youth, will host as event called Global Local from 2-7:30pm at McClatchy Park. This event is a collaboration among many organizations who share the same view of helping the community live healthier.

Global Local is an event that binds together the community with music, food and vendors. It brings together artists together to get the crowd moving. For the music, Sol Collective has brought an indigenous group of Canadian DJ’s called “A Tribe Called Red.” They fuse together modern-day hip-hop music with their cultural music. Next, Sol Collective has brought a female producer named Low Leaf, she plays the beat pad and the harp and also sings.

Then, Sol Collective brings local Sacramento artists. First, they bring “World Hood”, which is a group of artists and producers. This group includes: DJ El Indio, Estella Sanchez, and DJ Lionel Witchie. The group produces beats, but with a sample of Estella singing. Then, Sol Collective brings Dre-T, who is a producer, founder of Foreign Native, hip-hop and spoken word artist. Next up, the collective brings up Luke Tailor, a hip hop and spoken word artist. Next, they bring up Wise Child and Mandeep Sethi who are producers who mix in their cultural background into their beats. Finally, Sol Collective brings the Element Brass Band, which has a funk influence. This event be hosted by Andru Deefy.

This event will bring together the community together over arts, culture, activism, and healthy living. If you would like more information visit : https://m.facebook.com/events/1440569789564062?acontext=%7B%22ref%22%3A5%7D&aref=5 or contact Estella Sanchez at estella@solcollective.org.