12 million undocumented residents in the US. 1 million in California. 100,000 in Sacramento County. And many are uninsured under the Affordable Care Act.​ “An immigrant who meets all eligibility requirements, but is not in a satisfactory immigration status for full scope Medi-Cal is entitled to emergency and pregnancy-related services and, when needed, state-funded long-term care,” states the  Medi-Cal website. Despite this, Sacramentans are doing what they can to help undocumented residents receive the care that they need.

In recent years, the State of California has passed laws to provide drivers licenses to undocumented residents. It has also passed the Trust Act, making it harder for the Federal Government to detain and deport illegal immigrants who are not criminals.4517419987_579343f133_z

“Sacramento County has complied with these laws, but it has done little on its own to support undocumented families,” states Annie Fox, Lead Organizer, Sacramento Area Congregations Together. “For example, in 2009 Sacramento County passed a law saying the county would only provide healthcare to those who could prove lawful residency status, meaning any families including children were cut off from county health services.”

With 100,000 undocumented residents in Sacramento County, this type of legislation may put a strain on Sacramento’s quality of life.

Half of all undocumented youth in California delay seeking necessary medical treatment states researches at the UCLA Labor Center’s Dream Resource Center

​”County Supervisor Phil Serna has stood firmly that the county should reverse its stance on providing healthcare to the undocumented, and newly elected county supervisor to be Patrick Kennedy has also championed the issue,” says Fox. “The Sacramento News and Review has done some excellent reporting on the issue though other media outlets have largely ignored it.​”

Many believe that the​ county executives should allocate $2 million in the 2014-2015 county budget to cover health needs for undocumented families.
Both sides of this debate have points that hit close to home for many people. Compromise and constructive criticisms are needed to find a solution that is the most beneficent and effective9442545734_1a40ac8e93_z 9847272345_81e3176d40_z for the Sacramento region.