A Place Called Sacramento Filmmakers

“Hope and Prey” & “The Charismatic Man”


This week LiveWire! is happy to welcome two more Filmmakers from A Place Called Sacramento Film Festival. This is week 2 of the 6 week series.


Karen Orcutt wrote and Produced “Hope and Prey” for PCS Film Festival and will be a guest on the show.  Karen and her brother Bill wrote and produced “The Players” last year for the festival. This is Karen’s second year as a winner. Her film “Hope and Prey” follows a family man and his journey after returning home from the war and trying to learn how to be a husband and father again in the civilian world.

Charismatic Man Picture

“The Charismatic Man” was written and Produced by Tony Carrillo Rodriguez. He is a high school student and entered A Place Called Sacramento Film Festival and won. His film is still in the production phase and he is seeking some help from you. The story is about a gentleman piano player at a crossroads in life. If he chooses the wrong path it could lead to his life stagnating and if he chooses the alternate path it could lead to an uncertain place. He has to make a decision and find out what destiny has in store for him.

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