On 21st Street in Sacramento lives a center of arts, activism, and culture called Sol Collective. It is a community gathering place that focuses on arts, activism, and culture with young people.

Over nine years ago, Sol Collective was formed. There was a lot of ideas behind putting this center together, but Estella Sanchez, Director of Sol Collective, saw that there wasn’t a lot of activities for youth in their communities that were engaging, fun, and was what they wanted to do. Sanchez wanted to create a space that young people could come to which would offer different programs to would engage youth and even older people. image_7

Sol Collective has different workshops that teach kids about the arts that they are interested in. For youth interested in music, the collective has a beat-lab, a recording studio, DJing equipment and they host different workshops that train you on how to use this equipment. In the past, Sol Collective has collaborated with local DJs to put on a DJ workshop for young girls, helping them follow their dream to becoming DJs.

For youth interested in art, they have different art galleries up and host different workshops that teach breath-taking art workshops. On one recent weekend ,a collective called Sublevarte Collective, a group of Mexican artists that use art for activism, came to teach a printmaking workshop. Printmaking is the process of creating artworks by printing, usually on paper, to show that art can be used for activism.

Sol Collective also hosts different events at a wide range of venues. They just hosted an event at the Crocker Art Museum called Art Mix-Hip Hop. The Art Mix-Hip Hop commemorated everything from beat-making, emceeing, DJing, and sampling. There was performances from ZFG, Foreign Native, Native Children and many more.

10309661_10152224393634069_6855610156847484180_n Sol Collective also teaches youth about social justice issues. They hold the Sac Activist School, which covers different social justice issues around the world. The Sac Activist School even held a class on the tension on the issues that are going on in Palestine on July 24th.

“I have reached my initial goal, we have created a place that allowed the community to come in, and young people can come and feel comfortable, take ownership of it, come record in the studio, come check out an all ages music show, and be apart of meetings,” says Sanchez. “But the goals are always changing. It’s our ninth year, my goal now is to own our building, so when I’m done with this work, I can hand over to young people, so you guys can have a place into the community and make sure young people have a place always.”

If you would like more information about Sol Collective and the different events its hosting visit its page at https://www.facebook.com/ArtCultureActivism or just stop by Sol Collective at 2574 21st St.

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