In a perfect world every socioeconomic group, every sexual orientation, every race, every identity would be represented in every law-making council. Democracy works when there is diversity in legislative groups. The Sacramento Housing Alliance (SHA) recognizes that need. The SHA are using a 7-month, 80-hour program to help low-income people and people of color to have a voice in regional legislative commissions. The program spans from October 2014 to April 2015.

The Boards and Commissions Leadership InstituteSHC (BCLI), funded by the Sierra Health Foundation and the California Endowment, is a program that aims to increase the diversity in the boards and commissions of the Sacramento region.

“Boards and commissions are often key decision-making bodies on important equity issues, around land use transportation, safety net services and health, ” states Veronica Beaty, Land Use Policy Director at SHA. “The BCLI supports people of color and low income people in being a part of the political process from the inside, advocating for their communities and a broader equity agenda at the systems level.”

BCLI trains low-income people and people of color to work as board members for various boards and commissions in the Sacramento region. Many of the boards are responsible for making decisions on transportation, housing, land use,  jobs, and the environment.

“We work hard to make sure the BCLI curriculum meets people where they’re at, in a way that’s taliored to their interests and experiences,” states Beaty. “If you aren’t sure that service on a board or commission is right for you, the BCLI will help you explore your options and teach you valuable skills. BCLI will connect you with experts in multiple policy areas and other people in your community who want to advnace and equity agenda.”

The training will include lectures on public policy and procedure, exercises to develop leadership skills, help participant’s become more knowledgeable about equity, and show how goals can be accomplished in the Sacramento. Monthly forums will bring policy leaders together to discuss topics that are relevant in the region. Participants will also have some brief assignments and one-on-one meetings with area policymakers.

If this description applies to you or someone you know, apply by August 22nd!

  • Passionate about ensuring that the Sacramento region achieves equity for low-income people and people of color
  • Interested in one or more of the issue areas of transportation, land use, health, housing, or the environment
  • Currently involved with a community organization
  • Knowledgeable about public policy processes

Participants will become

  • More committed to social, environmental, and economic justice for low-income people and people of color
  • Experienced working across sectors
  • Knowledgeable  about local/regional planning or policy
  • Knowledgeable of public policy processes
  • Professional and well-regarded among advocates and decision-makers

The online application includes:

  1. Nomination Letter:  Request and submit a letter from your Nominating Organization or Individual BCLI Alumni.
  2. Personal Details
  3. Letter of Intent
  4. Resume
  5. References

Contact Veronica Beaty, Land Use Policy Director, at veronica@sachousingalliance or (916) 455-4900 x306 with any questions.