Introducing Food Literacy Center! New Look, new logo.

Introducing Food Literacy Center! New look, new logo.

A fresh start means more fresh food and health education from the California Food Literacy Center.

The 501c3 non-profit dedicated to food education has taken part in a rebranding effort to expand the company’s horizons, changing their name to simply “Food Literacy Center” while embracing a new logo design.

“We take a practical, simple approach to food,” says Amber Stott, Executive Director of Food Literacy Center. “Yet, our name was a watermelon mouthful! Folks couldn’t remember all four words, so we decided to shorten it. We chose to remove “California” from our name because folks mistook us for a state agency. As a hardworking 501c3 nonprofit, our fundraising efforts demanded that people not make this mistake–when they hear our name, we want them to think of a deserving nonprofit.”

 Food Literacy Center partnered with Honey Agency to bring the updated brand to life. Stott explains the significance of the new look.  

“Our new logo is simple: a piece of broccoli. Broccoli is synonymous with healthy eating, and that’s the core of our work. This logo is also playful–the broccoli looks a little like a chef’s hat. This is also core to our approach–we make healthy food fun through cooking and hands-on activities.”

See what the vegetables think about the new brand!

See what the vegetables think about the new brand!

“Our intended impact is to have the name and the image stick. When you see that broccoli symbol, you’ll know it’s Food Literacy Center. When you hear the name of our nonprofit, you won’t forget the words. When people think of a charity doing great work to teach kids about healthy eating, we hope Food Literacy Center is the first place that comes to mind.”

The organization strives to heighten awareness with their rebranding effort and continues to reach out to the community by bringing nutrition education to low-income families.