With the help of a local organization called Soil Born Farms, community members interested in gardening now have the opportunity to get their hands dirty and learn more about gardening for free.

logoThursday July 24th, from 7:00pm-8:30pm at Oak Park Sol Community Gardens, Soil Born Farms will host a Seed Starting Party to help local residents get an early start on fall gardening.

Randy Stannard, consultant for Harvest Sacramento, a project of Soil Born Farms, has high hopes for the event.

“This is built around community engagement and community building, and it’s a simple way for people to get together around a tangible event,” Stannard comments. “It pulls together like-minded people that are interested in gardening. One of our main interests is building those relationships so people know neighbors who have an interest in gardening, and then some of those relationships continue to build.”

The Seed Starting Party will help both beginning and experienced gardeners to get a start on their fall crops, by beginning with seeds.

“It’s a reminder and a good opportunity for people to start [gardening] directly from seed, and to start getting into the rhythm of gardening at home,” Stannard continues.

Participants can expect to get hands-on experience as they learn, as well as discover more information regarding typical and atypical gardening methods.

“The primary activity we’ll be doing is starting a majority of the fall crop seeds. We will expect to collect seeds and go through the process of a seed propagation,” says Stannard. “Then the discussion will be around really basic plant propagation, probably talking about a concept called succession planting.  For example, at this time of year instead of planting tomatoes one time and waiting until they’re ripe, in succession planting you would plant every three or four weeks so that you have a larger window of a harvest-able crop available to you.”

For more information about the event, contact Stannard at randy.stannard@gmail.com or click here.  All community members are encouraged to attend.

Featured image courtesy of creative commons.