Adults are encouraged to enroll in Sacramento Public Library’s Summer Reading Program. Many adults overlook the summer reading program, believing that the program is only meant for children and teenagers. In reality the program is just as beneficial for them too.

“Adults are living fast-paced lives with tweets and Facebook statuses,” Colonial-Heights-001_Sacramento-Public-Librarysays Christie Hamm, Manager of Youth and Community Services at the Sacramento Public library. ” This program gives adults an incentive to read larger texts. Many adults do not regularly read longer texts and may lose the level of concentration needed to finish a novel. This program aims to help keep adults reading and taking time out of their day to relax.

This program serves as a reminder to adults about the library’s resources and activities available to the community.

According to a report from Common Sense Media titled “Children, Teens, and Reading, ” Among children who are frequent readers, 57% of parents set aside time each day for their child to read, compared to 16% of parents of children who are infrequent readers. Studies have shown that children model their behavior after the adults in their life. If  a child does not have people reading around him or her, they will feel less of a need to read. 

A participant in the Summer Program does not have to visit  a library branch. Participants are able to download audio books and texts from the online library catalog. Checking out books has become easier for many people, and has become more accessible.

The Summer Library Program is beneficial to any age group.

For more information visit the library website.