imageThe philanthropic organization known as California Endowment is the engine behind a 10 year grant program across California cities which suffer from lack of community engagement, don’t have access to healthy foods, and experiences a lot of preventable diseases. South Sacramento was chosen as one of those cities, and different organizations joined together to create the Building Healthy Communities workgroup to speak about how to engage the youth and what keeping the youth from taking part in transforming their communities into beautiful, healthy and productive neighborhoods.

Just recently, different youth organizations came to discuss what the most important things youth felt were needed in the community. According to their discussion, the needs are many.

One need is  imagejob availability because there was not a lot opportunities for youth to make some money and provide them will skill sets to help them lead productive lives. Another is transportation because along with all these job opportunities some youth aren’t able to make it to the job locations because of  lack of transportation. Gang Violence is an issue because inside of the communities youth don’t always have a great family settings, and with gangs comes violence. Alcohol and Drug abuse effects some youth who are filled with pain and despair, so to numb the pain they turn to drugs or their circle of friends are doing drugs, so they are peer-pressured to do them. Enrichment activities for youth to participate in  during non school hours are needed because basically youth are bored and that leads them to participate in mischievious  activities. Finally, the group recognized confidential  counseling locations where youth can come and speak about their problems are also in demand.

The workgroup also felt that there are some gaps in some of the resources for the youth.  The group thought a database would be most effective in lugging those gaps,

The Building Healthy Communities youth workgroup is determined to help young people find great opportunities all over the South Sacramento area. If you would like more information of the Building Healthy Communities initiative you can visit