People from different communities, organizations, educators, and youth teams filled the Serna Center during the June 5th School Board meeting. The board members covered a variety of subjects , such as school disciplinary actions, funding of schools, and praise for the good work which residents are performing in the communities. The main issues that the public speakers focused on were more constructive disciplinary actions, such as Restorative Justice, the LCAP or Local Control Accountability Plan, and The LCFF or Local Control Funding Formula.

Those who spoke said that they believe that suspensions and expulsions aren’t effective remedies to students who aren’t disrupting the learning in the classroom. They felt that their removal away from their education and there are better solutions to handle a defiant child, like Restorative Justice. Restorative Justice is instead of suspending a student who is defiant, they shouldn’t beIMG_0205 given a punishment that limits their education.

The next issue addressed was the LCAP. The LCAP is the process where the they are going to figure out what needs to be funded from the LCFF, which is $31 million earmarked for Sacramento’s school districts. This plan received mostly great feedback, but youth noticed their voices weren’t included into the discussion of where the money was going.

Zelia Gonzalez, a student at the Met Sacramento High School, was appalled by the district’s youth response and created a survey with the Met students.  128 students out of 300 students responded to this survey. The students listed these priorities:School materials and supplies for students who don’t have the means to purchase these materials, school provided lunches, which was interesting because school lunches aren’t funded by the LCFF , extra-curricular and cutural activities for youth during the summer and after school who are bored, leading them to participate in mischief. They would also like more art programming so youth can have a constructive outlet to express themselves.



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