Horror Films & Casting



This week LiveWire! is excited to welcome Brian Jagger and Kirk Uhler from Sacramento Casting. This is brand new casting website focused right here in the Sacramento region. It is way to support our local talent and supply local and non-local films with actors that already live in this region.  We have such wonderful local actors and this new website will be the place to find them.

Coming soon you can log on to www.SacCasting.com


We are also excited to have Mone’t Ha-Sidi, from The Sacramento Horror Film Festival on the program. Mone’t is a multi-talented performer and will be sharing all the details about Sacramento Horror Film Festival’s “The Love Horror Short Film Festival”. The festival happens on Friday, June 27th at 8pm at the Historic Colonial Theatre. Tune in to learn more!

For details about The Love Horror Short Film Festival log on to www.SacHorrorFilmFest.com

Tune in Wednesday, June 25th at 5p.m. on Access Sacramento channel 17 or watch the simulcast online at www.AccessSacramento.org and click ‘watch 17.’