At Sacramento City Unified School District’s May 5th Board of Education meeting the district’s Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) was reviewed.

The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), the new funding system for California’s school districts, requires that every public school district create a LCAP before July 1st. Independent Charter schools are required to submit their own LsernacenterCAP. A district’s LCAP details their use of government funds.

SCUSD’s LCAP is structured into three parts: Stakeholder Engagement, Goals and Progress Indicators, and Actions, Services,and  Expenditures.

The Stakeholder Engagement portion detailed past meetings which fostered communication within the different facets of the education system. School board members, principals, teachers, parents, and students gave input in the making of the LCAP.

“We’re finding that in large part due to the community process, we’re getting responses that are much more representative of our community, especially in regards to LCFF standards,” says Ken A. Forrest, LCAP presenter. LCFF requires school districts to create open communication lines between schools and parents during the creation of their LCAP. Throughout the past year the SCUSD has held meetings to engage  the community in this new process.  Parent Advisory meetings and School Site meetings were major tools in creating the LCAP. These meetings were meant to create an open atmosphere between policymakers and parents.These activities helped SCUSD to make clearer and more practical goals for the district and its students.

The Goals and Progress Indicators section helps district’s keep track of their milestones and help them to create new goals for the future. Each district must plan goals out three years in advance, keeping track of their efforts. The goals outlined in a district’s LCAP must align with the eight State Priorities, which are divided into three areas: Pupil Outcomes, Engagement, and Conditions of Learning.

Actions, Services, and Expenditures focuses on SCUSD’s annual spending. This section details how the goals specified, in the previous section, will be accomplished and what resources need to be used. The current version of the LCAP is close to being sent to Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) for review. If this version passes it will be passed to the California’s Department of Education (CDE).