For the past 30 years, obesity numbers in the US has soared, leaving many “Fed Up” with the lack of healthy diets.


Image courtesy of Flickr

Now from Davis Guggenheim, director of An Inconvenient Truth, along with executive producers Katie Couric and Laurie David comes “Fed Up,” a documentary highlighting the issue of obesity in America. The Sacramento Food Film Festival in association with the Food Literacy Center, has  partnered with Assemblymember Roger Dickinson to bring this film to Sacramento.

“The film is important for folks to see and be able to have a kind of dialogue around it,” says Amber Stott, Executive Director of the Food Literacy Center. “We think its so important  to be informed about our food and food system. There are so many variables when it comes to our food and the more informed we are, the better choices we can make for ourselves and our community.”

An exclusive, one-time-only showing of “Fed Up” will take place at the Tower Theater on Thursday, June 19th at 7pm.

After the film, a panel including Stott, Assemblymember Dickinson, Dr. Lynn Hanna, CSUS assistant professor of nutrition, and Food Literacy Genius and  food writer Matthew Blackburn will share their comments on the documentary and will then open the floor up to a community question and answer session.

Tickets will be sold  at the door for $9.50. The Tower Theater is located at 2508 Land Park Drive in Sacramento.