On June 2, at the corner of Stockton and Fruitridge Road from 5:30 to 7:30pm, there will a public kick-off event for the Building Healthy Communities Charette which will be held in August. The BHC Charette is a muti-day planning formation, thrown by Building Healthy Communities grantees, that lets the residents of South
Sacramento talk about the issues that are in their community and their ideas which be taken into consideration. Feedback from the residents and different solutions might help fix those problems. The BHC grantees will go out and collect information on the different issues that are prevalent in these neighborhophoto 2ods. Then, the South Sacramento residents will come in and give their thoughts on the issues and also give some solutions. Finally, all of the feedback, solutions, and input will be compiled into a report that will be presented in November 2014.

“The idea is instead of coming in with pre-fabricated plan, like the city or county usually does, you start off with nothing and form a plan entirely off of public input over the course of seven days,” says Katie Valenzuela, Senior Program Manager at Ubuntu Green. ” It’s a great way to learn and see their feedback reflected in these plans, this improves engagement and overall buy into the results.”

Different issues will be discussed such as pedestrian and bike safety, economic development, housing, environmental health, healthy food access, and much more. It’s critical that residents attend because they live inside of the communities and see the things that need to be changed. Let your voices be heard and help in the transformation of the South Sacramento into a beautiful, vibrant, healthy communities.