mario fixedMy name is Mario Ayala and I’m an 18 year old Oak Park resident. I was born and raised in Sacramento and I currently attend the Met Sacramento High School as a senior. I’m Hispanic and I am very proud of my heritage.

This is going to be my third time working with AccessLocal.Tv and I am very excited to be back. I’ve always liked to write. Although I sometime feel like I’ve never been too good at it, I love to do it.

On my free time I like to play music and I’ve played the bass for 6 years. I also play soccer for a team in Stockton. Music has become one of the centerpieces of my life, it’s helped me communicate with people in a way that’s impossible without it.

I’ve always had a passion for writing but I started journalism about 15 months ago while writing for my school newspaper. Since then I’ve been referred to as a provocateur by principals, teachers, and people in politics. My goal is to let reader see the articles you don’t see in the everyday news and to let Oak Park residents stay informed and have a voice. I feel that many times voices that don’t have power don’t go far.

After I graduate I plan on going to college and then law school. I want to be a lawyer that represents underprivileged minorities, and hopefully a city council member one day. I look forward to this great opportunity to create quality articles that are also informative, so stay tuned.